The Story of David

This empowering unheard of story will

change your life!

Based on true events. 

This is a phenomenal true story about the reincarnation of a mother and her son returning back to earth to experience their soul's evolution, promise and Covenant.  Their separate worlds would be very different for them now coming from the Light and Love of Peace.


They would have many tough choices to make and to go through.  Both of them would have the opportunity to learn what their soul needed and to teach what they had promised too.  This would be by sealing their blessed Covenant and promise with the Creator.


In the beginning of God's creation they were one soul and then divided for their work throughout their different lifetimes.  They would be living a secret life on earth which would not be easy with many hard hurdles laid before them.

Part of their mission was to teach that with God's plan, no soul is ever lost; we evolve on with our choice of free will.  Their largest struggle to conquer would be working in this world which is shaded with darkness and without peace.  Their experiences will explain the many miracles that were given to them from the heavenly spiritual beings in other realms within the universe.  Their remarkable lives are likely unheard of in this world!  This is a once in a lifetime story which surpasses our beliefs of what a powerful being we each are and what we are!