Continued from "Under the Rainbow Crossing " page.

These stories will open a new concept about the "other side" and perhaps open the readers to ponder the many things one may wonder about.  This book is meant to be a learning tool and to send positive-ness to all.  If one will just give something "different" a chance, it may just change one's life into more joy and peace instead of living in "fear" throughout our lives.

Please enjoy a few of the pictures from the book.

Orbs that developed in front of my home during a late summer time frame.  The spirit energy in the home is very, very high. Picture not in book

ABOVE   A room full of energy that I captured on film.

BELOW   Pictured is my Dad appearing in his spiritual form of golden light (a back view) with his shouders down, taken on Christmas as he watched us open gifts.  Taken without a flash.

This is a picture from the amazing video that I have of my spiritual teacher Han Tai CHen Su moving out of the TV set and becoming a beautiful ball of light.  You can plainly see his head and arms forming.

ABOVE  This is a female spirit forming in front of the bathroom mirror.  Look closely and you will see a Buddha through the form, which I do not have.