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Ruth Ann with "The Phoenix Incident" producer Keith Arem's and his wife Valerie.
Recenty, RuthAnn attended and had an exhibit for UniversalConversations. at the 2016 International UFO Congress that was held in Phoenix, AZ in February.  She had the pleasure of meeting many UFO enthusiasts, other exhibitors, and presenters of various topics of the conference.  In many of these cases Ruth Ann was able to have in-depth discussions with some of these presenters and enthusiasts.  One of the most fascinating was an individual and his wife who have worked on producing  the just released full length documentary/fictional film "The Phoenix Incident".  Through the special viewing provided to conference attendees, Ruth Ann was able to view this film and came away with the opinion that it is an exceptional film and helps to begin telling "THE TRUTH" about existence of alien life and their ability to visit earth.
Ruth Ann also has the pleasure of meeting personally with Keith Arem's and his wife Valerie both discussing their work and Keith taking a special interest in Ruth Ann's works and abilities in the paranormal world.  Keith has interviewed Ruth Ann with the idea that he may do a second documentary pertaining to this area of knowledge.  Keith is President of PCB Productions and PCB Entertainment, which are widely connected to the gaming industry with titles like Call of Duty Series, Ghost Recon,Spiderman, and the X-Men to name a few.  "The Phoenix Incident" is Keith's first full venture into the paranormal world and UFO"s.  He was especially fascinated with Ruth Ann"s mutiple videos of UFO's and other paranormal activity.