Some friends and acquaintances that Ruth Ann has had the pleasure to meet or work with.

Ruth Ann with Linda Moulton-Howe who is a world renown investigative journalist and documentarian, especially in the area of UFOs and a variety of Conspiracy Theories with some of her findings and testimony have been provided on "Ancient Aliens" and with George Noory on his "Coast to Coast AM" radio talk show.

Ruth Ann with Richard Dolan a leading researcher and writer on the subject of UFO's.  He has been featured on the "Coast to Coast AM" talk radio program and also Hangar One: The UFO Files and Close Encounters, along with Ancient Aliens and Larry King Live.

Linda Moulton-Howe and Ruth Ann
Ruth Ann and Richard

Barbara Lamb is a renown licensed psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and regression therapist who has counseled and regressed at least 1700 people to 2600 extraterresterial encounters.  She has acquired great knowledge in the area of Crop Circles, Alien Experiences, and ET-Human Hybrids.

Barbara with Ruth Ann

Travis Walton is probably the best known individual for being abducted by a UFO on November 5th, 1975 in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona.  His abduction stands out as one of the most corroborative cases on file.  His abduction lasted 5 days and was witnessed by 6 individuals.

Ruth Ann and Travis

Dr. Joe Lewels is a UFO researcher, Author, and Certified Hypnotherapist who regularly speaks on UFOs and Religion.

Dr. Joe and Ruth Ann

George Noory is a radio talk show host of late night radio talk show Coast to Coast AM where he delves into a variety of topics that are mostly related to the paranormal world, UFO's, and conspiracy theories.

Ruth Ann with George

Dr. Sam Osmanagich, PhD is best known for his archaeological work with finding some of the lost  "Pyramids" (especially in the Bosnia area) and speaks throughout the world on the development of man-made pyramids with the possible assistance from beings from outside of this world. As he quotes; "Almost everything they have taught us is wrong: origins of man, civilizations, and pyramids".

Ruth Ann and Dr. Sam

Kewaunee Lapseritis is best known for his authoritative work on "The Sasquatch People".  He is a world traveler and is a Holistic Health Consultant with a background in antropology, psychology, and conservation.  Since around 1980, Kewaunee has worked closely in gaining further evidence in the existence of Sasquatch and ETs.  He has been on numerous radio and television programs and is an extensive author.

Jennifer Stein is an artist , entrepreneur, activist, a student of ancient civilizations, and a documentary filmmaker.  Jennifer is also a director of MainLineMUFON in the Philadelphia area and like to specialize in crop circles.  She has recently made a film about Travis Walton's abduction.

Ruth Ann with Jennifer
Kewaunee and Ruth Ann
Haktan with Ruth Ann

Haktan Akdogan is a Turkish UFO researcher.  He has devoted his life's work to studying and telling about UFO's.  He belongs to numerous organizations and has appeared on many UFO television and radio progams worldwide.

Here is Ruth Ann with Ken Johnston, SR. a civilian astronaut consultant pilot for NASA and author.

Other renown individuals in the UFO / paranormal world that Ruth Ann has had the good fortune to meet are Nick Pope, Peter Davenport, David Hatcher-Childress, Erich Von Daniken, and John Greenewald.