A phenomenal story of two people living a duel consciousness by finding out that they both had been chosen by the Extraterrestrials as companions. This was about living a secret life and keeping records of their experiences together until the ETs told them the purpose of this.  In their own words below this message comes from the EXTRATERRESTRIALS exactly as they have written it!

“Their purpose is, ‘That the time has come for me to write this book to teach others the real TRUTH about them and why they come here.  We both are a large part of their growing Colonies to let the ETs adopt and learn from about the human demeanor and softness of emotions and personalities of the offspring.  The new Colonies will be ready to interact more as earthlings, humanoids.  You both have shown us here about parental love, nurturing babies, emotional development, and most of all LOVE, and who we call our ‘Universal Soldiers’ you both have been Universally Celebrated by The Galactic High Councils and Christ Light Beings in your work.  This is a success to you both being so dedicated to the change of human development.  The World one day will finally learn how to live together in love-war will be abolished and in time forgotten except in history.  The two of you who belong here with us, are working for the greatest cause of all-love and compassion among all living earthlings.  The spiritual movement now will be larger and larger to make the transitions needed before man completely destroys everything on the planet earth.’” This important book contains many messages to us from the ETs to share with the public which will tell the real TRUTH! 

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