Universal Conversations as the title implies is about an UNHEARD of true interaction by two people with other UNIVERSAL BEINGS since childhood.  It is supported with proof by means of pictures, audio tapes, videos, and messages by the ETs in Universal Script.  The messages are from regular contact with Universal Beings that were received from them through loved one's in other forms as Spirits, and by Heavenly Beings, Extraterrestrials, and other Alien Beings.


Aliens Within Just Released!!!

This book is about a life time of constant contact with certain
species of ETs by two people since childhood.  It is based on all true experiences, nothing has been changed. 

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To my knowledge, never before has there been such a dramatic, amazing, and exciting true story of two people working diligently together with other Universal Beings as their teachers!  Only now the time has come to tell the world of the Universal information they have been provided with.  What makes their lives so unique and different is now being shared like no other ordinary story.  One will find out how connected they were to other Species of Beings, Spirits, Worlds, Dimensions, UFO's and the ETs. This is the biggest "WAKEUP" call you can only imagine and it is definitely not the typical story you have heard or read about.

Working with these benevolent Beings is an amazing feat and accomplishes their PROMISE to help the earth world through their chosen work.  The events written by the author are extremely extraordinary because they are based on absolute facts, thus giving the reader answers to many questions about how it is to live between other dimensions, earth, time travel, other realms, and Universal worlds in the beyond!  This  fascinating story reveals the real TRUTH to the world by coming forward and leaving the old ways of  " manmade" fear behind.  We are taught from birth to have fear which can take a hold on everyday lives, it eats away at our soul until a human being can go into  depression, disease, sickness, and even to our death!  Most of us live in fear and worry about something that we don't understand!

Universal Conversations

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Meet Ruth Ann Friend

Here is Ruth Ann Friend with her friend Travis Walton. They were both invited speakers by the Apache and Navajo Nation for the 2017 Dulce Base UFO Conference in Dulce, New Mexico.
Master of Ceremonies was Alan R. Tofoya (pictured below with Ruth Ann), a full-blood Apache tribal leader who is also an actor, director, producer, song writer  and singer.

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